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    Feinberg English Sheffield silver cutlery is for the discerning customer who demands the highest quality, European standard silverware customized to their own requirements, and will not settle for standard commercial product.

    Feinberg English Silver Fine Cutlery is made in our Sheffield, England silverware factory.  Sheffield is the world famous home of fine silver cutlery for over 300 years!  Unlike mass produced machine made silverware, every piece of Sheffield silver cutlery made for FES is individually handcrafted and meets the highest English luxury weight standards for silverware.  Each piece of silverware undergoes a range of hand finishing, polishing and inspections before it is approved.

    Feinberg English Sheffield silver cutlery is available in the widest range of designs, sizes, and with an enormous range of specialized serving pieces.  We can offer a customized Sheffield silver cutlery set to meet any requirements - standard sizes, European sizes and the broadest range of serving pieces.  You can do a standard American 5 piece place setting, an English 10 piece place setting or anything in between.  In addition we can personalize the place settings with your initials or crest.

    All Feinberg English Sheffield silver meets our exacting standards.  It is available in hallmarked English sterling silver or in a heavy commercial level of silver plating over nickel silver base metal that will last a lifetime of normal use.

    Because of the wide range of designs, sizes, and serving pieces, please call or e-mail our office to discuss details including pricing and delivery.